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About the program

“The Intercountry AdoptionJourney: Hague Complaint Training from NCFA is a comprehensive and engaging online program that provides training required by the Intercountry Adoption Act and Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. This certification course for prospective adoptive parents and professional adoption agency staff is an excellent model for user-friendly, interactive education.”

- Richard B. Klarberg, President and CEO, Council on Accreditation

The Intercountry Adoption Journey launched in January 2008. It includes videos featuring adoption experts from the U.S. Department of State and other agencies. The training is entirely online. The two-hour extension training focusing on China is available as a stand-alone training or as a package combined with the 10-hour Intercountry Adoption Journey course. Click here to proceed to registration.


Is this course for me?

If you are a prospective adoptive parent wishing to adopt from a country that is in the Hague Convention, you must have a valid certificate of completion from a Hague-compliant training program, such as the Intercountry Adoption Journey. To find out if a country is in the Hague Convention, talk to your adoption agency or visit the U.S. Department of State’s intercountry adoption website.

The two-hour China training is also available as a stand-alone training or packaged with the 10-hour Intercountry Adoption Journey training. China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) requires an additional two hours of training for all intercountry adoptions from China. If your agency does not already provide the training, you can fulfill the additional 2 hours through this program. This program looks at the adoption criteria, process and post adoption for all Chinese adoptions.


Sample training materials

Click on an image to view examples of the information provided in the Intercountry Adoption Journey training program.

Start the simple IAJ process now!

  1. Register – Pay and receive directions to move on to enrollment. You can register as an individual or couple.
  2. Enroll – Each individual participating (even if you are in a couple!) must enroll to ensure that each participant receives their own certificate.
  3. Train – Complete the online training at their own convenience and pace. Upon completion, a certificate of completion will be available digitally.

(10 social work CEU are also available to professionals for this training upon request!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does IAJ cost?

Intercountry Adoption Journey
10-hour IAJ training program
China Extension Training
2-hour China-specific training program
China Package
10-hour IAJ + 2-hour China extension training programs
Adoption Professionals $115 $25 $140
Prospective Parent (Individual) $115 $140
Prospective Parents (Couple) $195 N/A $245 $230 – Discounted!

Click here to proceed to registration.

Q: Can a couple share one email address and take the training together?

A: No. In order to generate a certificate and ensure both partners participated, both must enroll individually. A couple may register together (at the lower couple rate) and then they will need to enroll individually.

Q: How are certificates received?

A: All training participants will receive a digital copy of their certificate. They may print it or download it to share with their agency digitally.

Q: I registered on the previous system and already completed part of the training. Do I have to start over?

A: No! We can help enroll you in the new system and start you in the same module you were working on in the previous program. Just contact Erin Bayles at ebayles@adoptioncouncil.org for help.

Q: Should I take the China training?

A: In order to adopt a child from China, you must complete a China-specific training as per requirements from the China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA). The two-hour China training is available as a stand-alone training or packaged with the 10-hour Intercountry Adoption Journey training. The China training is sold individually, but for couples wishing to adopt from China, both parents are required to take this program.

Q: I’m an adoption professional and I used to have to provide parents with an agency code. Do I still need to do that?

A: No. We’ve streamlined it so that families can enter their agency name themselves without keeping track of an extra code.

Q: I’m at an agency and want to review IAJ before I refer prospective adoptive parents. What should I do?

A: Contact Erin Bayles at ebayles@adoptioncouncil.org. Every agency may have a free review account set up to review the training or understand and assist their families as they complete the process. (Professionals who want CEU will still need to pay the discounted professional fee though.)